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Wordle: Everything You Need to Know About

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A new type of tweet, including green, yellow, and grey boxes in a 5-wide grid with as many as six rows, appeared in the latter part of 2021. The tweets also have meaningless statistics to anybody but the author and a hilarious little non-word called Wordle. Perhaps you’ve already used Google to find the answer. Finding out what Wordle is and using that knowledge to make sense of the grids and numbers people have been tweeting about is simple. Perhaps you have been playing nonstop for months.

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What is Wordle?

You can play Wordle, a daily online word game, right here. Like a crossword puzzle, it’s only entertaining if done once a day but also really easy. You’ll be tasked with deciphering a brand-new “word of the day” every morning. The regulations are wonderfully explained on the site itself. Wordle is a game in which the player is given six opportunities to guess a five-letter word chosen at random.

As you can see above, everything becomes green if you enter the correct letter in the correct position. The proper letter in the incorrect position is highlighted in yellow. Letters that aren’t part of the word anywhere will be greyed out. You have a maximum of six words to input, so you may use the first five as “burner” words to get clues regarding the order of the letters. Then you have a single opportunity to use those tips. You may also compete against yourself by seeing how quickly you can predict the daily word—three, two, or even one time..

So, where do we go to really play?

Wordle is a game available on the New York Times Games page https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html . If you see something pretending to be an app, know it is a forgery. When the New York Times purchased Wordle in early February, it was relocated from the Wordle website that Wardle had built. Some users believe that Wordle’s difficulty level has increased after the NYT’s acquisition; however, that is not the case. Just as when it first came out, it does not cost anything to play, and there are no in-game advertisements.

Does Wordle cost anything to use?

Playing Wordle doesn’t require a membership to the New York Times and is available to anyone. The lack of commercial interruptions is welcome. Even though the NYT’s other word games, including the NYT crossword, require a paid subscription, the newspaper has opted to keep Wordle free after purchasing it from Josh Wardle.

How to Play Wordle Digitally

Wordle’s rules are very straightforward.

  • The goal is to figure out a hidden five-letter word with as few guesses as possible
  • Enter any five-letter word and submit it as a guess.
  • Wordle only accepts guesses that are actual words when using a five-letter minimum. 
  • After you enter a guess, the game will indicate the degree of similarity between the letters in your guess and the letters in the hidden word by assigning a different colour to each letter.
  • In the case of the secret word, a grey or black square indicates that the corresponding letter does not appear.
  • If a letter is highlighted in yellow, it is part of the secret word but is incorrectly placed.
  • If a square is green, that signifies that the letter is in the correct position in the secret word.

A green or yellow square indicates a valid letter guess, bringing you closer to discovering the hidden word. Assume, for the sake of argument, that you guessed “WRITE” and were rewarded with two green squares on the W and the R. Still, three grey squares on the I, T, and E. WRONG, WRACK, and WRUNG are possible solutions as they all begin with WR and lack the letters I, T, and E. Or, suppose you guess “write.” The T and E are green, while the W, R, and I are grey. If you’re looking for a word that ends in TE and doesn’t contain the letters W, R, or I, then maybe try BASTE, ELATE, or LATTE.

Keep in mind: No particular colouring for letters frequently appearing in the secret word, and the same letter might appear more than once. Wordle will not reveal that the letters L and E occur twice in your guess if the hidden word is BELLE and you enter a word containing only one of each. Only six guesses at the code word are allowed. Depending on how many times you guessed correctly, the game will give you a different victory statement:

  • 1 attempt: “Genius”
  • 2 attempts: “Magnificent”
  • 3 attempts: “Impressive”
  • 4 attempts: “Splendid”
  • 5 attempts: “Great”
  • 6 attempts: “Phew”

When you’ve cracked the code and identified the key phrase, you can use Wordle’s “Share” feature to send your findings to anyone through colourful emoji cubes. Many participants share their Wordle creations with other Wordle fans via email or social media.

Is It Worth Playing In 2023?

Undoubtedly! The purchase of the New York Times didn’t get off to the best start. Some people lost their winning runs during the transfer, and many players thought the NYT made it harder immediately. But it didn’t. When Josh Wardle made Wordle, the answers were hard-coded into the game, and a different answer was given for each date. Even though the New York Times took out a few words that were controversial and changed the order of a few others, it’s pretty much the same game that came out in 2021.

The NYT has mostly had a good effect. With a free account choice, players can save their progress across devices and lose runs are much less likely to happen. It’s still free to play, and there aren’t many ads. Yes, WordleBot costs money, and yes, you will be pushed to try other NYT games like Spelling Bee, but Wordle seems to be in good hands overall.


Wordle creator? What inspired Wordle?

Wordle’s success near the end of 2021 led to many headlines regarding its developer. Wardle designed the game in 2021 to push himself and a word game enthusiast friend. It became a family WhatsApp staple, and Wardle recognized he might be onto something special. The New York Times’ fascinating article on Wardle and his latest invention delves into the intriguing backstory. If you want the full story, read it, but for now, know that someone cared enough for their spouse to create Wordle so she wouldn’t go insane during the silent, awful days of our global disease.

Does Android or iOS support the Wordle app? 

After learning about Wordle, I searched for my phone in an app shop. If it was that popular on Twitter, I assumed it had an app tie-in. “Wordle” may appear on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, but it’s not real. The original Wordle, created by Josh Wardle and donated to the internet in late 2021, is only available as a browser game on this site. Any other version is a blatant rip-off.