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 Some Amazing Facts About Chatgpt You Have Never Known Before! 

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 What are AI tools and their types, the benefits and disadvantages of using AI tools, and what is chatgpt? What are the benefits of using chatbots? Which is best, Chatgpt or Bard? 

What are AI tools And their types? 

The software applications that use artificial intelligence algorithms to perform some problem-solving tasks are known as AI tools. AI tools have applications in a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, marketing, learning and development, education, automated processing, data analysis and 

Some of the critical AI tools are listed below:

  • Machine learning AI tools: Such tools make it possible for software applications to learn from the data, leading to improved performance over time. Machine learning has applications in developing software such as spam filtration, fraud detection, and image recognition. 
  • Natural language processing AI tools: It is a type of AI service centered on making the software application capable of understanding and processing human language. The typical applications of NLP tools include AI tools such as machine translation, chatbots, and sentimental analysis
  • Computer vision AI tools: This type of AI service makes software applications see and understand the world around them—computer vision AI tools in almost used self-driving cars facial recognition and product identification. 
  • AI tools in Healthcare: These AI tools can diagnose diseases and develop personalized care and new treatment techniques
  • Finance AI tools: Finance AI tools are very effective in fraud detection, risk management, and wise investment decisions
  • AI tools for marketing: These tools have their own identity in the world of AI. They are being developed to conduct targeted ad campaigns with the personalized customer experience and efficient campaign analysis.
  • Education AI tools: Educational AI tools are very effective in personalized learning providing feedback on studies, and getting assistance to monitor and maintain student progress

Why do we need AI tools? 

AI tools are being considered to revolutionize the world. Following are the top reasons why we need AI tools: 

  • Task automation: In our daily lives, we have many repetitive, time-consuming, and dangerous tasks to perform either officially or non-officially. These tasks can be easily automated with the help of AI tools. It can result in human workers focusing more on creative and strategic studies instead of the same repetitive and boring ones. 
  • Data analysis: By using AI tools, you can facilitate the process of data analysis quickly and efficiently, even with large amounts of data. It will help your businesses make better decisions, identify the latest trends, and improve your products and services. 
  • Developing new products and services: Today, in this modern age of Technology, developing new products and services has been made very easy with the help of AI tools. These tools make your business successful in beating the competition and creating new growth opportunities.
  • Improved decision-making process: Your business would have a better decision-making process if you knew how to use AI tools effectively for business growth. AI tools may make your business insights more visible and help you to identify errors more efficiently than humans. Using AI tools, your business would gain success with improved decision-making, reduced risks, and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Getting personalized experiences: Now, it is possible to get customized experiences for customers, employees, and other stakeholders with the help of the latest AI tools. These tools can help you with improved user engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction. 
  • Healthcare centers with more efficiency: When the process of diagnosing diseases, development of the treatment, and personalized care is automated using AI tools. Then, Healthcare centers would have more efficiency and high performance. 

What are the disadvantages of using AI-generated content? 

Though AI tools have a long list of benefits and facilities for modern life, AI Technology still has some shortcomings. The following list of disadvantages justifies the fact that AI tools are not always reliable:

  • Biased content: AI-generated text uses many datasets that can result in the collection of biased material from AI tools. It can make an AI-generated text more offensive and discriminatory.
  • Chances of inaccuracy: Since AI tools are still under development many times, the text generated from AI tools needs to be more accurate. 
  • Repeated content AI tools can provide repeated content that has low readability and may be out of context from the user’s point of view. Mainly applied to AI-generated content when answers to open-ended questions or creative content are needed 
  • Content without creativity: AI tools are not creative, just like humans, which means that AI-generated content could be dry and boring
  • Content available to be misused. AI-generated content can easily cause you to create fake news and fake articles, which can cause harm to people.

Knowing these advantages before using the AI content makes you clear about the strategy of using AI tools for generating text.

Considering all the above disadvantages before using AI-generated content makes you able to maintain your content to be sure that it is accurate, reliable, and safe.

What to keep in mind while using AI-generated content?

Since you have cleared your concept about the accuracy and efficiency of AI tools then, the following list will help you understand some tips and tricks to get content from AI tools:

  • Get awareness about the limitations of AI tools.
  • Don’t rely on AI-generated text for your website.
  • Try to use AI generator content for creative purposes.
  • Be respectful of others. You should not use AI-generated content to make offensive and discriminatory text. 
  • Use AI content for creative purposes. Focus on developing your creativity by collecting factual data from AI tools effectively. 
  • When the users want AI-generated content, they should label it as AI-generated text. 

Summing up, AI-generated content can be a powerful tool, but you need to be aware of its limitations to using it responsibly.

What is a chatbot? 

It is defined as a large language model chatbot developed by Open AI. Chatgpt is very practical to use for the following tasks: 

  • Generating content in textual form: Chatgpt can easily create articles, blog posts, and creative writing in textual form. 
  • Providing instant answers to queries/ questions: Chatgpt delivers instant answers to any questions/query types as a prompt. The solutions provided are usually factual and open-ended.
  • Language translation: chatgpt is very effective in languages translation with high accuracy and influence: 
  • Providing text summary: chatbot of chatgpt can skillfully summarize the text quickly and accurately. 
  • Providing creative content: You can create different kinds of creative content such as poems, code, musical pieces, scripts, letters, emails, and many more with the help of chatgpt. 

What are the benefits of using chatgpt? 

Let’s have a summarized content about the benefits of chatgpt. Some of the essential and result-oriented benefits of chatgpt are listed:

  • Get any textual form data, i.e., blog posts, articles, and creative writing. 
  • Automate your language translation process with more fluency and accuracy
  • Write different types of creative content, including scripts, email letters, stories, etc., with the help of chatgpt chatbot.
  • Get instant replies on any query asked from the chatbot.
  • Get AI-generated text with high accuracy. 
  • Get your time saved from being wasted in collecting information relevant to your topic
  • Obtain feedback on your writing through chatgpt. 

Is Chatgpt better or Google Bard? (A comprehensive comparison)

Before getting into the details of the difference between Chatgpt and Google Bard, you should know that both are large language models (LLMs). However, they have some key differences, such as chatgpt is a generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) model, while Google Bard is a factual language model (LLM) from Google AI. Here, we have listed some essential differences between Chatgpt and Google Bard.:

FactorchatgptGoogle Bard
Model typeGenerative pre-trained transformer (GPT)Factual language model (LLM)
StrengthsGenerating creative textProviding factual information
WeaknessesCan be biased, inaccurate, and repetitiveCan be less creative

From the above discussion, it is clear that if you want some creative text, then chatgpt would be the best option, but if you are hunting for some factual information, then Google Bard would be your best choice. 


AI tools are very effective in making many processes automated. They could be best for task automation, data analysis, development of new services and products, improving the decision-making process, getting personalized experiences for your customers, and improving the efficiency of healthcare centers. Being one of the most powerful AI tools, chatgpt efficiently provides text data, instant replies to questions, translation of different languages, feedback on the content, and a summary of the text, etc. If you want to have some creative text, then chatgpt would be the best option for you, and if you want to have some textual Data, then Google Bard would be best for you.

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